The Safety Of Using Natural Diatomaceous Earth Products

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Good news for everyone are here!

Have you been tirelessly looking for the most appropriate method of finding balance in your body and detoxifying? Have you been fighting the blood pressure beast? Or you’d like to arm yourself as well as your pets and livestock with a major protection against parasites? If your answer is a big YES, there’s one more thing we`d ask of you and you’d be on the right track to acquiring a long lasting solution to all the above problems- that is, continue reading for more useful information.

What on earth could have such capabilities listed above? Now you’re asking yourself this question, right? Great! Consider yourself the luckiest person today as in the next few seconds, we’ll be analyzing, thoroughly, a precious powder- Diatomaceous earth (DE), which is the secret to living a happy, healthy life!

Let’s dive into more details…

More About Diatomaceous Earth Supplements

Great question there.

To cut straight to the point, DE is basically some fine powder which comes from diatoms (a kind of fossilized phytoplankton).

There are generally two types of diatomaceous earth: industrial grade and food grade. Food grade is non-toxic and therefore fit for use by human, pets and livestock.

Advantages Of Using Diatomaceous Earth ?

diatomacious earth detoxNow that you’ve an idea what DE is, next we`re going to look at a list of health benefits this super powder carries.

– First of all, the powder has the ability to sweep away foreign substances from your body, a process which directly improves the absorption of nutrients as well as reducing fatigue.

– It lowers the levels of cholesterol as well as high blood pressure- yes, you heard it right! DE has the capability of lowering high blood pressure to 40-60 point drop within a month of using it.

– DE is 84% silica. Silica goes a long way in promoting growth of strong hair and nails. Apart from this, silica also aids in reducing wrinkles, acne and other aging effects. It’s also known for strengthening teeth, bones, joints and tendons.

– Metals detoxification- now this is a great health benefit especially to those who bear poisoning from heavy metals such as mercury. What’s more, the powder also eliminates aluminum, keeping the Alzheimer`s disease at bay!

– Aids in repairing and maintenance of lungs functionality. It greatly reduces coughs.

– It eliminates parasites such as fleas and head lice completely. When using DE for this purpose, avoid inhaling the powder.

– It decreases insomnia, tinnitus and vertigo.

Top Ways To Use Diatomaceous

-Toothpaste: If you sprinkle some DE on your toothpaste, you’ll experience the extra powerful cleaning properties of this powder.

-Deodorant: The fact that DE is not as alkaline as other common deodorants makes it a more efficient deodorant, especially for individuals who have had rashes/irritations after applying deodorants.

-Facial scrub/mask- DE is very fine! As such, it makes a gentle face mask and exfoliator. Also, the powder contains additional minerals namely magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphorous and so on. These minerals can be easily absorbed through the skin: another way of supplementing the level of minerals in your body!

-Food storage: DE can be added to legumes and grains e.g. wheat, beans, maize and barley as it prevents spoilage by keeping the food dry. It also keeps off pests such as weevils from the food.

-Bed bugs: The powder is FDA approved to eliminate bed bugs and fleas.

-Pest control in your garden: It can easily kill all beetles, slugs and other pets in your garden.

-Fridge deodorizer: The powder can be used in place of baking soda to neutralize odors in the fridge. It should be replaced after every 1-2 weeks.

-Garbage bin deodorizer: If you sprinkle this powder at the bottom of the garbage bin, you`ll be sure to neutralize any unwanted odors produced by the garbage.

Bottom Line

Again, kindly note that you should only BUY and USE the FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth as it’s the only type that is non-toxic and hence fit for use by humans, pets and livestock.

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